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The Largest Customer In Europe Visited The Kenuo Factory
Jan 17, 2018

We are very pleased to invite our most important European customers to visit the factory. 

We not only show a detailed series of processes from plate making, raw material(art paper,white paper ,kraft paper and etc)cutting, printing, laminating, oiling and bronzing to jonathan, Heidelberg presses the principle and work self-test. Customers said they will conduct further in-depth cooperation in these categories in the future. Packaging Boxes, Other Hotel & Restaurant Supplies, Rowing Boats, Other Hats & Caps, Cash Register Paper, Other Safety Products.


In addition, during the visit, we also took him to China's restaurant to show him Qingdao seafood delicacies and dumplings, customers all the time surprised our culture, as well as a variety of Tsingtao amazing.