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The Bursting Of The Carton
Aug 22, 2017

What is the direct relationship between the bursting resistance and the pressure of the carton?

Pressure generally refers to the static force, breaking apart from static pressure also includes dynamic impact. The former can be done in the largest pile of experiments to determine that the latter generally with a certain height of the natural fall and handling process of frequent accidental impact and transport turbulence degree to choose.

What is the concept difference between the strength and the bursting degree of the carton?

Wear intensity refers to the maximum power the carton can withstand the sudden impact, and the breaking strength refers to the internal resistance to local extrusion; the standard of domestic light industry has been removed strength indicators, but the export cartons still have requirements.

Technical features of carton packaging machinery

1.The use of vertical storage paperboard, and can be supplemented at any time, no downtime;

2.Suitable for the same time carton size packaging use, such as the need to transform carton specifications, manual adjustment (the time required only 1-2 minutes);

3.This machine uses the rationalization design, the suction box, the molding, the back cover all automatically handles one;

4.The mechanical performance is precise and durable, the operation process has no vibration, and the Operation Life is long;

5.The machine adopts PLC Man-machine interface display control, high performance, high speed and high efficiency.

6. Carton Sealing Tape Folding length 50~70mm, can be customized 80, 100MM;

7. can be single machine work, can also be used with automatic packaging line.