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Packing Carton
Aug 22, 2017

A package or article usually used as a commodity to protect the outer layer of the substance. Carton volume due to the size of the goods changed, cartons are usually "carefully handled", "afraid of Wet", "Up", "Heap Code Limit", "fear of Sunburn", "moistureproof" "Quality Safety" "No rolling" "can not trample" "pay attention to fire" "fragile goods" "green environment" "fear of Hot" "food" "prevent odor" and many other patterns or text prompts, reminding users to pay attention to protect the contents of the goods from harm.

As an indispensable part of modern logistics, packaging carton bears the important responsibility of capacitive loading, protecting products and aesthetics, and the physical performance index of wrapping box becomes the basis of its quality evaluation. Stable working conditions guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the test data, and have many years of senior engineers engaged in carton testing, test and analysis of the box, to provide a fair and scientific test data for the box suppliers and box users. TTS (one-pass detection) also for a number of well-known enterprises to provide supplier material screening, tender evaluation and other projects.