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Lantern Festival Company Entertainment Activity
Mar 05, 2018

In ancient Chinese tradition, the Shangyuan Festival (the day of the festival, the Lantern Festival), the Zhongyuan Festival (the festival of the region, the Obon festival), the Xiayuan Festival (the festival of the water) are collectively referred to as the Sanyuan. The Lantern Festival began in the Han Dynasty more than 2,000 years ago. Chinese Emperor ordered the first lunar January 15 as the Lantern Festival. Han Emperor Wu, "too one God" sacrificial activities scheduled for January 15 too one: dominate the universe of God). Sima Qian to create "too early" when the Lantern Festival has been identified as a major festival. 


The traditional custom to go out on the moon, lamp burning flame, hi guess riddles riddles, eat Lantern, pull the rabbit lights. In addition, many local Lantern Festival has also added traditional folk performances like playing dragon, lions, stilts, rowing boat, dancing Yang Tai, playing Taiping Drum.

In June 2008, the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage was selected for the Lantern Festival.



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