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Digital Printing Is Growing Faster In The Field Of Tagging.
Jan 24, 2018

If without digital printing plate technology from American Chester Karl worse than in 1938, using the electrostatic imaging principle to produce the first copier, the digital printing is widely accepted and become a new hot issues should be in 2016 drew after printing.

Because there is almost such thing as Heidelberg, komori and other traditional printing equipment manufacturers, it means they are optimistic about the next step of digital printing.

On-demand, variable, and instantaneous is the advantage of digital printing.

When materials are relatively scarce and the quality of digital printing is still to be improved, these characteristics are objectively restricted and the application field is relatively limited.

But, after the national by the pursuit of food and clothing to enter the well-off, they have the capital to enjoy life, and start to look for personality and reflect their own value, combined with the digital printing equipment in the wide, speed, quality, print media, such as link continuously breakthrough, this grew up with digital technology a new printing production technology into the field of growing, label printing digital printing, no doubt, a field of developed faster in recent years.

Label printing is an indispensable part of packaging and printing industry, digital printing to faster into the label printing area is not only a technological revolution, more let us see the transform and upgrade the enterprise as an emerging force in the process of digital printing to seize the opportunity to enter the possibility of related fields.

For example, in the life indispensable photographic print is a shift from the traditional silver halide film printing digital printing, specializing in photographic print the personage inside course of study points out, this is a 2016 annual output value reached 316.9 billion yuan of big market, for such an emerging market, digital printing producers are indifferent?