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Control Of Unqualified Goods In Carton
Aug 22, 2017

Nonconforming product control and identification: to unqualified products corrugated cardboard and cartons to do a good job marking, not with qualified cardboard, cartons mixed together. It should be segregated, designated in the zoned area, not permitted to use, transfer, or confused with the qualified cardboard carton storage. The treatment of unqualified goods, can be used to repair, scrap, modify the attachment, reduce sales of four ways to dispose.

Corrective action for nonconforming product. For batch nonconforming product, we should fill in the Quality Accident report form, find out the root cause of the quality accident, and take corresponding measures to control it effectively to avoid the recurrence of similar accidents. At the same time designated personnel responsible for the implementation of each measure, supervision the implementation of these measures to see whether to achieve the goal. And the implementation of the results of the measures, technical changes to document file for filing.

The quality of corrugated cardboard box should be grasped from the quality control of corrugated carton production site. Focus on quality prevention, quality-oriented, quality control as a supplement, prevent the combination of quality factors to eliminate the impact of the production process, and continuously improve carton product quality, reduce the loss of all links, and ultimately improve the economic and social benefits of enterprises.

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