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Contents Of Material Quality Audit Of Carton Products
Aug 22, 2017

Grading the quality defects of cartons into defects and light defects, and write detailed inspection items. After the actual audit to record quality defect items and audit results. Quality defects to be timely analysis, as far as possible fill in the Carton Quality Audit Report declaration, the audit results to the competent leadership and related departments report, and as quality information and information timely transmission and archiving.

Production Site Quality Control

Create a good production order and environment. To maintain the cleanliness of the production site, but also to ensure the quality of the carton, such as work areas, utensils, products stacked and transported, workers operating environment, cleanliness of the site and other factors on the quality of corrugated box production has an important impact, should be stipulated. Therefore, the corrugated box production site can be implemented point, point to carry out effective control. Its measures can be used: the production of corrugated carton management standards, at the same time regularly check the assessment, site, machinery, equipment, raw materials, products, workstations, equipment positioning position. Use effective measures to reduce the damage caused by scratches, pollution and rough handling during carton handling. For semi-finished products and in the products to be listed logo: Especially paperboard line down the product without printing, if not listed in the presence of similar varieties and specifications in the case, it is easy to cause confusion and error.