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Characteristics Of Separating Carton
Aug 22, 2017

Separate cartons in circulation can be divided into two or more, mainly to solve large-scale production and small-volume sales of contradictions.

Separate cartons can be used in the traditional standard box based on a variety of accessories to the small box-type combination, but also can adopt a new molding method.

The new type of separating carton is generally used in the way of combination of H-type separator and package-type carton.

There are n-type and F-type package two kinds of cartons. The F-type is more popular, mainly used in plastic bottled shampoo and conditioner, as well as the outer packaging of glass bottle condiments.

The F-type wrapping carton can decompose the original 20 bottle box into two 10 bottle boxes, the compressive strength of the package is also improved, the cost of the packaging material is reduced, and the promotion function is good.

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