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Characteristics Of Package-type Carton
Aug 22, 2017

The corrugated cardboard box is similar to the 0210 type box, and the difference is: 0210 cases are in width parallel to the box slab, the package-type carton is parallel to the length of the cardboard, the 0210-box joint is connected in the main box surface, while the wrapping carton is connected to the side box surface, and 0210-box inner and outer rolling cover indentation line in a straight line, and the package box is different.

In use, it's not like a 0210-carton, carton factory to complete the whole process of the box, to the user plant after the contents of the box, but only to the die-cutting carton to the packaging users, by the user using the automatic packaging machine put on the contents of the package and then roll into boxes.

Compared with the standard box, the characteristics of the package-type carton is less, the carton and the inner material tightly affixed, can achieve high-speed automation.