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Carton Styling
Aug 22, 2017

Carton packaging to a large extent, with its exquisite modelling and decoration to promote the beautification of goods, improve the competitiveness of goods. Because the shape and structure design of carton is often determined by the characteristics of the shapes of packaged goods, so its style and type are many, have rectangular, square, multilateral type, special-shaped carton, cylindrical shape and so on, but its manufacturing process is basically the same, namely select material--design icon--manufacture template--stamping--connect the synthesis box.

Raw materials are pulp, general corrugated, more used to fill goods, recyclable.

The paper box is a three-dimensional shape, it is composed of several parts of the movement, accumulation, folding, surrounded by a faceted form. The surface of three-dimensional composition plays a role in space, and the surface of different parts is cut, rotated and folded. The relationship between the display surface, the side, the top and the bottom, and the setting of the packing information element should be paid attention to.

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