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Carton Proofing And Development Trend
Aug 22, 2017

Carton structure proofing, can be manually proofing or open mold sample, but more is the use of Special carton box computer to make prototypes, because of the machine to make the model faster, high precision, on-site production lidengkequ, and can also make use of cardboard box computer to draw a prototype knife, so that the factory can make their own knife template, through proofing to confirm the paper box structure is correct, can quickly confirm the order situation, improve timeliness, but also the future of the inevitable trend of enterprise development.

Paper product packaging, packaging industrial products are the largest amount of the type. Carton is the most important form of transport packaging, and cartons are widely used in food, medicine, electronics and other products sales packaging. With the change of mode of transportation and the change of sales mode, the styles of carton and carton are becoming more diversified, almost every new type of non-standard carton is accompanied by a set of automated equipment, and the new model carton itself, has become a means of commodity promotion, Bank Treasure group that the future carton packaging will be environmentally friendly economic direction, there will be a more innovative form in front of us.