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Carton Material
Aug 22, 2017

Selection Principle of Corrugated box

In the selection of corrugated box must first take into account the nature of the product, weight, storage and transportation conditions and circulation environment, the second should be based on the design principle of shockproof packaging and corrugated box design methods, but also to follow the relevant standards, such as export packaging to meet international standards or foreign requirements, and to pass the relevant testing, so corrugated box packaging should generally pay attention to the following two points.

⑴ Corrugated Board corrugating model of the model, according to Leng Gao divided into a, B, C, e four categories, different corrugated board mechanical properties are also different. The type a corrugated board has the highest plane pressure, the compressive strength is bigger, the B type is opposite, the plane pressure, the vertical pressure, the parallel pressure and the buffering force are all good; the thickness of the corrugated board, the type A is the biggest, the C type is second, the type B is again, the e because of the small thickness of cardboard bending easier, therefore, B-shaped corrugated is widely used to the box of pressure-resistant strength of the packaging box. According to the different mechanical properties of corrugated cardboard, a single corrugated box with a or C-type for good, double-sided corrugated box with a, B-type or B, C-type combination is appropriate, close to the external surface with B-type, can play an impact-resistant effect. A, B-type or B, C-type combination, can improve the physical and mechanical properties of cartons; from printability, B-Type and C-type are beneficial to printing.

⑵ Corrugated Box box in the guarantee carton quality, the premise should be as far as possible to save carton processing materials and packaging costs. For example, the volume of the same carton, the use of long: wide: High 2:1:2 when the most province, the proportion of $number when the most cost. Therefore, the square box should be avoided as far as possible. Also take into account the product to the box volume utilization ratio, the box to the truck, the train compartment volume utilization ratio as well as the storage when the stacking stability.