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The process of carton
Aug 22, 2017

Profiled Corrugated box is today's corrugated box packaging in the form of the most variety of packaging; supermarkets in the goods directly on the shelves, to have a very good product display function, and how to quickly and easily open carton packaging, to achieve the rapid pick-up of goods, and do not need any tools such as scissors or knives, and so on, shouting "Sesame door" carton opened. It sounds new, but the cartons have been widely used in supermarkets abroad, and there is a lot of demand at home.

The structure type of sesame door carton

Sesame Door Carton is a new design concept of corrugated box packaging, that is easy to open the corrugated box. The outer structure of carton has no obvious difference from ordinary corrugated box, the key process is to paste in the corrugated box with a tear gum station, and in the carton outside a small mouth, open the carton as long as the small mouth along the tear tape can be used without any tools to start the carton, showing the packaging items.

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