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The printing and packaging development trend
Jan 17, 2018

Today's major international print flat topics have direct plate technology, direct printing technology, waterless print technology and FM plus Network technology. Foreign multi-color offset press sheets mostly use the ink color remote control, automatic version, automatic register device, and students.

The whole process of production control and fault diagnosis. The domestic started late, in the new generation of integrated multi-color offset press development also need to step up efforts. In addition, the quality of domestic printing equipment (paper, ink, photographic materials, blankets) needs to be improved.

Sheetfed flat-faced commercial rotary machine in the long version of the market to replace, no version of digital printing in the short version, short version of the threat, flexo in Packaging and on-line processing of production competition, but the convenience of computer-to-plate, price advantage, automatic plate change, automatic Cleaning, and a series of CIP4 automatic numerical changes quickly and accurately, coupled with information application analysis, tracking, management,

Diversification of printing machinery such as double-sided, diversified polishing, background color, special color to flexo and gravure online production,Inkjet online printing, cold to the rolling die-cutting and other processing, sheetfed flat-print attempts in a strong rival market, open a Feasible road, this article illustrates the possibility of market and equipment development direction.


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