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The difference between container and non-container
Aug 22, 2017

The difference between container and non container is mainly outside diameter, and is closely related to corrugated type. The following table details the relationship between the inner diameter specifications, manufacturing specifications, and OD specifications of the carton:

Method for measuring the size of corrugated carton

The size of the carton is the size of the box. The manufacturing dimension is measured by the pressure line on the expanded box. The indentation roller on the cutting machine is a groove in the pressure line position, which is the centerline of the groove. The distance of two lines is the size of the manufacturing. Converting manufacturing dimensions to internal and external diameters can be achieved through table 2, but they also have their own measurement methods.

Corrugated box in the manufacturing process has a single spell and double the score

Single-piece is one-page molding box, generally used for small circumference of the carton; Double spell is also known as a two-page box, some carton circumference is too large, have to use two pieces of box to piece together a carton, but sometimes the carton factory in order to use the production process cut down the rest of the material, will also use two pieces of a size is not too large carton, or even sometimes four tablets. The two-page box is one more joint than the one-page box, so there are some subtle differences in the area between the two.

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