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Quality control of carton production site
Aug 22, 2017

According to the inspection purposes can be divided into, control inspection, receiving inspection, quality organization inspection and identification.

Carton Enterprises in order to ensure the quality of carton products under the premise of local conditions to set up quality inspection institutions and equipped with quality inspection personnel. Process inspection generally has the following forms, the first Test, the first piece of inspection is the carton product manufacturing process of a preventive inspection, applicable to a large number of types. The first piece of inspection shall be inspected by the operator and approved by a full-time inspector.

Patrol is the inspection personnel in the production site at a certain time interval on the process of product quality flow check. Completion inspection It is a batch of finished products after the inspection, mainly refers to the process between the products. Finished product inspection is the final inspection of corrugated box products before reaching the user's hand.

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