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Packaging And Printing Process
Feb 01, 2018

Printing Category: 1, Offset Printing: commonly known as color printing, use film drying on the pre-coated photosensitive plate (PS version) through printing-down machine ,then printed on paper with offset printing machine, the general number of network lines 175 lines / square inch, 175L / inch.Offset machine has a color machine, two-color machine, four-color machine, five-color machine, etc .; Machine specifications include full boot, boot, boot four boot, eight boot. 2, gravure: mainly used for plastic printing, or for web printing.If need to print a large number of bags or cigarette label, magazines, etc.gravure is also good enough,  3, silk screen: generally suited for coarser patterns printing materials like cloth, plastic, paper, cardboard boxes, etc., the print plate is based on the net frame line, the common usred is 80 to 100 lines, there are lots of common application cases Such as UV varnishing, frosted effect, spot UV coating and so on. 4, flexographic printing is using film to affix the resin version, eraser sensitive etching or using engraving printing patterns to print. (In addition, hot metal foil are in fact embossing or debossing technology, it need the film to corrosion the metal.) 5, Offset network lines and network spots: 175 lines per inch are most common used.It is mainly used for art paper album and advertising material, whiteboard Paper or rough surface of the paper should adopt 150 lines; some high-end album need 200 lines, 200-line printing press have a highly need for smooth material, the film is no problem, the key point is the printing. 3, paper: coated paper, matte paper, white paper, offset paper, white cardboard, adhesive, carbonless copy paper, specialty paper. 4, color, color number: CMYK four-color, gold, silver, spot color. 5, after the processing steps: folding, film (glossy film and Matte film), stamping (stamping area, hot gold or red gold), creasing, die-cutting  (200g above all the paper pressure Marks, paper box need to do die-cutting templates to cut ), as well as paste, paste bag, paste box, Duplex, varnishing, polished, UV varnishing, mounting E flute; Book binding include saddle, Wireless glue, spiral, perfect, etc.); packing and packaging delivery.

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