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Introduction of processing technology
Aug 22, 2017

The necessity of tearing the mouth

Easy to open corrugated box production and processing technology compared with ordinary carton production process, add a corrugated box inside the surface paste high-performance, self-adhesive tear tape, as well as tear tape design a corresponding tear, so that users do not need to use external force can be opened carton, and tearing mouth beautiful, does not affect the display effect of goods.

Tear tape

The torn adhesive tape for easy opening cartons is made up of modified tension polypropylene back combined with natural rubber binder. Natural rubber adhesives provide excellent initial viscosity, excellent tearing resistance, and strong adhesion on different material surfaces. Used in corrugated box production of tear tape is generally reel winding structure. Depending on the width of the RIP tape, the general width ranges from the 3mm~20mm, and the length of the tape is about 40000 meters. The scroll-wrapping method can reduce the number of new reels, which can improve productivity.

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