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For CTP production workshop, we need to make up the 'short board'(three)
Jan 24, 2018

(1) in order to ensure that the output of the highest quality, a complete set of CTP system must be placed in a clean area of the prepress, if must be installed in the printing workshop, is the area for a closed shop, operating environment is: 17 ~ 30 ℃ temperature, working temperature 20 plus or minus 2 ℃;

Humidity 20% ~ 70%, working humidity 50 + + 10%.

(2) floor must be level, do not have strong vibration.

There were heavy vehicle such as machine, is likely to lead to the floor vibration, due to the floor level error must not exceed 6.35 mm, so the floor a bit uneven situation, must adjust equipment four feet, make the CTP in the best state.

(3) the main power supply of the output device and the main power supply of the dust collector must adopt the same ac power supply, and the UPS device shall be added when necessary to ensure that the grounding voltage of all branch circuits is the same.

The power supply voltage fluctuation range of CTP is between 6% and 10%. If the range is beyond the range, it is necessary to increase the voltage stabilizing power supply and install the independent and stable double-channel air switch.

(4) the total power of the equipment is about 2600W, and the standby mode is 600W, and the imaging time is 1100W.

The whole machine consumes little power, so do not switch the machine frequently.

(5) the CTP equipment need to be clean, dry, no oil, clean air, pressure is 690 psi, maximum particle diameter of 15 microns, impurity concentration 8 mg/m 3, the largest oil content 5 mg/m 3, the air temperature should not be more than 52 degrees Celsius (actual requirements below this value), the pipe need to install air person.

(6) the device itself without setting rat, and a lot of printing equipment failure is caused by the mouse bit line and waste on circuit board, so the mouse is also an important part of the workshop environment.

(7) into the unexposed plate and plate has the plate exposure, unopened bottom plate should be according to the supplier the required conditions plate storage, materials that have already been in the case of protecting glue can be stored in the CTP workshop, and should not be piled up at will.

Training should be the top priority of CTP system introduction. CTP training can be carried out in the following aspects.

(1) sufficient prepress knowledge.

The operator needs to have a basic understanding of pre-printed image processing, basic printing principle, and output separation principle.

(2) application of process software.

The operator should master the CTP setting method, CTP function and the function of each function module, rather than memorizing each operation step mechanically.

(3) plate knowledge.

Although the plate is a third party product, the operator also has a certain understanding of the performance and basic structure of the plate.

(4)CTP hardware operation and maintenance.

The electrical mechanical structure of the equipment should be trained in place. Once the CTP equipment fails, the operator must be able to clearly describe the failure phenomenon and even predict the cause of the failure.

(5) quality of operators.

The attitude of operators to CTP and its enforcement of relevant rules directly affect the operation of CTP.

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