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For CTP production workshop, we need to make up the 'short board'(two)
Jan 24, 2018

As CIP3 have direct relationship with the printing process, for us version printing plant, with great benefits, but the premise is to must adjust the printer and select the corresponding consumables, otherwise the effect will be discounted.

There are also several short boards in conjunction with the printing press.

(1) the printing Settings in the process (such as imposition Settings) need to meet the normal printing requirements.

(2) adjust the curve of printing related outlets.

(3) the setting of developing parameters should be considered as the material factor.

(4) set the appropriate PDF file conversion format, and different printing presses require slightly different format requirements for CIP3 files.

(5) the setting of high network cable or FM network requires the final output result to be carefully adjusted through pre-printing and CTP hardware.

(6) the consistency of digital sample, blue paper and final print.

When the problem of excessive use of equipment is repaired, the failure is much larger than the previous problems, and the maintenance of the short board mainly has the following aspects.

(1) it is not maintained according to the standard cycle, and the oil pollution and dust directly cause the machine failure.

(2) replace the corresponding consumables according to the requirements, causing the pipe to be blocked and the laser head into the water, and the loss is serious.

(3) improper maintenance or improper selection of materials, resulting in the failure of the machine to start.

For example, when a user in the northern part of the country is in winter, the filter failure of the cold drying machine and the ice in the pipeline will cause the gas supply to be abnormal and the machine will fail.

(4) machine parameters and corresponding firmware have not been set according to corresponding maintenance standards, and the PC upgrade failed with CTP connection.

(5) the software version of the process is too low, resulting in the inability to cooperate with the current design software, the lack of diagrams, the lack of words, and the inability to publish the special transparent layer.

(6) there are small problems in the machine and no proper way to deal with them, so that the small problem becomes an irreparable problem.

(7) when the server memory or hard disk fails, it is necessary to press F1 or F2 key to avoid timely processing, resulting in a very slow system.

(8) the incorrect hardware installation, resulting in parts, motor, drive a large current or stop the current impact, should have a long service life parts, due to improper installation and make the shorten service life.

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