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For CTP production workshop, we need to make up the 'short board'(one)
Jan 24, 2018

Now CTP equipment is multifarious, different quality, you are considering the introduction of CTP, must not blindly will be low price as the primary selection index, and shall present the compatibility of the prepress process, hardware configuration of scalability, reliability of equipment and good training and after-sales service as a standard measure, because if you can use a slightly higher price to buy a worry of the device is very worth it.

Hardware installation is the most important step after the introduction of CTP equipment in the printing plant, but it is often overlooked by engineers and printers.

(1) improper selection of power supply line or cold gas switch, and the heating of power line is burnt out.

(2) uninterruptible power supply of UPS is not enough.

(3) improper installation of air compressor and air conditioner, inadequate drainage.

(4) the peripheral clearance of CTP equipment is too small, and the foot is uneven, and the machine is shaking when working.

(5) the developing machine is not adjusted according to the standard, the rubber roller and the brush pressure have no parameters, and the printing plate after development is uneven and scratches, etc.

(6) improper adjustment of the physical position of the hardware and laser head, leading to the occurrence of different types of printing faults.

In some process installation manuals, the system version and the corresponding patches are specified.

If you do not install directly as required, you may cause the following problems.

(1) the process cannot recognize the hard disk in the system, thus unable to read the data.

(2) the printer or output connection failed, and the file could not be transferred to the CTP device at all.

(3) unable to generate the corresponding color separation file or 1-bit TIFF file.

(4) unable to import working file, unable to find the specified work path.

(5) file transfer to CTP failed.

(6) unable to connect to the network, can only do single work, reduce work efficiency.

(7) the anti-virus software is not set correctly, which causes the system to collapse.

(8) the process software can not be started at all or immediately after startup.

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