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Die-cutting stamping innovation breakthrough
Mar 28, 2018

For a long time, packaging and printing companies have attached a higher degree of importance to the efficient production of printing than to the post-press process. Highly automated, digital, and intelligent printing equipment has become a necessary production tool for packaging and printing companies of a somewhat large scale. In the link, a large number of manual and low-end postpress equipment are used. In recent years, as the competition in the packaging and printing market has become increasingly brutal, and customers have continuously increased their requirements in terms of cost, quality, and efficiency, packaging and printing companies are gradually recognizing the importance of the post-press process, especially in the area of die-cutting and hot stamping. Competitiveness is crucial, and innovation is the main theme of its development.


At the same time, packaging and printing companies have also launched high-speed, high-efficiency, value-added, post-press production methods, increased investment in die-cutting and hot stamping equipment, improved and improved the level of die-cutting and hot-stamping processes, and achieved higher quality and quality. Efficiency, lower processing costs to respond to market competition.

So we saw that with the joint efforts of die-cutting and stamping equipment suppliers and packaging and printing companies, die-cutting and hot-stamping technology is blazing new trails of innovation! Let's take a look at the innovative charm of die-cutting and stamping together.

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