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Custom Packaging Products Making processes
May 18, 2018


Do you know how we make custom packaging boxes,bags,cards with customers' own printing content?

First we need to confirm the details with our customers,such as box size,printing types like offset printing(Litho Printing) or Flexo printing Etc.

Second,customer need to provide us their printing file in PDF or AI.Then we will use their file to make the printing plate for our printing press first.The key point of making printing file is to check the color file carefully.It might be the CMYK 4C full color printing or Professional Pantone color printing.And this usually depends on customers file to a great certain extent.

After printing,we need to do Printing Handling:Stamping,Embossing,UV Coating,Varnishing,Glossy Lamination,Matt Lamination

we then move forward to the die cutting process,our workers will make the die-cutting template according to customer's box shape and size.Then they will use the template to cut the printing material.

If the customer's packaging product need to glue,then our workers will use our automastic pasting mahcine to glue the box side together.

Last,our workers will finish the packing process.


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