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Carton production process
Aug 22, 2017

1 design determines the final effect of the product

Carton products for the design is particularly important, otherwise it is difficult to meet customer requirements, may appear return, to the enterprise caused significant losses.

I think that after the marketing department receives the order, it should transfer all the information from the customer to the process design department. Including the layout of the decoration requirements, size, box-type structure, internal loading and weight, stacking number of layers and other related content. After design department design, can be transmitted to the Manufacturing Department to complete product implementation.

1 to calculate the maximum stacking load of the lowest-level carton can withstand PS

PS (Nmax-1) · G, wherein, the NMAX is the maximum stacking layer, the G is the inner load and the box weight.

2) Select the appropriate safety factor K

In accordance with the requirements of the inspection regulations for corrugated boxes for sn/t0262-93 export transport packaging, the ". 6, 30-100 days in storage period,". 65; When the storage period is greater than 100 days, k=2.

Of course, for safety reasons, the safety factor usually takes more than 3. However, the safety factor has been too large, the index of raw materials is relatively high, the price of paper will obviously rise, resulting in increased costs, unfavorable to market development. If the safety factor is too large, there will be excessive quality, the coefficient is too small, and cause the collapse of the box and other quality problems. Therefore, according to the actual requirements of customers, select the appropriate safety factor.

3 to calculate the maximum compressive strength to be achieved according to the safety factor p

P=k· Ps

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