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Carton knowledge
Aug 22, 2017

Corrugated cardboard is made from surface paper, paper, core paper and corrugated cardboard by bonding. According to the needs of commodity packaging, corrugated cardboard can be processed into single-sided corrugated board, three-layer corrugated board, five-storey, seven-storey, 11-layer corrugated cardboard.

Corrugated with different corrugated shapes, the function of corrugated cardboard is also different. Even with the same quality of the surface paper and paper, due to the difference in the shape of the corrugated board performance is also a certain difference.

The international common corrugated shape is divided into four kinds, they are a-type Leng, C-type Leng, B-type Leng and E-type Leng. Their technical indicators and requirements are shown in table A. A type of corrugated cardboard made of a good buffer, a certain degree of elasticity, C-type blankly than a-type Leng second. But the stiffness and impact resistance is better than a-type Leng; b-type Leng arrangement density, made of corrugated board surface formation, high pressure, suitable for printing; e-type Leng because of thin and dense, more show its strength.

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